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Donate now as Akurut Patricia, 23, needs an urgent kidney transplant in New Delhi

(Last Updated On: 16 September 2023)


She needs UGX96m for transplant and treatment. At least UGX48m was already available by Thursday, September 14, 2023.

Lira I Akurut Patricia, 23, was in her second year studying Land and Survey (Diploma) at Entebbe Lands Institute of Survey before notifying the Institute of the health condition she was going through and subsequently dropping from her career course.

Patricia started noticing bloating on the face, body and legs swelling when in Masaka City early last year while doing her internship. Soon, she informed her family members and was advised to seek medical checkups and treatment that didn’t respond well.

Immediately, her family requested she travel to Kampala where her brother took her to Wakiso Health Centre IV. She was tested for kidney disease and it was positive. The health facility referred her to the Mulago Emergency Department where she again got diagnosed with high blood pressure and kidney complications.

On June 15, 2022, she was assigned a nephrologist.

Since then, her health has never improved and later it was confirmed that both of her kidneys have complications and she must undergo transplants.

Doing everything they can afford, Patricia’s family, relatives and friends have been very supportive in raising money for her planned trip to Apollo Hospital in New Delhi, India for a transplant.

Further, TND News has asked Patricia’s sister – Marcellina Pedun, about the pain of taking care of their own, and how they are being supported.

 What is the feeling with the family now and how is the situation being dealt with?

As a family, it is not easy because Patricia isn’t okay. Seeing Patricia now for those who knew her, you just start crying because the sickness has changed her entire life and she knows it. Being a teenager she can’t bear seeing herself like that and that’s the biggest stress for the entire family

Right now, everyone is stressed and worried about how we are going to get money for the transplant.

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Since Patricia felt sick we have been struggling to treat her thinking she would get better but her condition kept on worsening until we were told she needed an urgent kidney transplant and yet as a family we have been already drained financially, trying to treat her. Up to now, she is on medication plus dialysis which is done twice a week from Mulago

How are her friends and sympathizers dealing with the situation, especially in raising money needed for her transplant?

So far we have shs41 million. Public collections are shs8 million and the balance might come from family.

When we got letters and requirements for her transplants, we started sharing with friends through social media to get some help from the public. People are responding and giving their contributions. Her friends have been very supportive emotionally by visiting her, and when they come she smiles a little.

What has the Doctor(s) advised?

The doctor advised us to look for a donor as her kidneys wouldn’t function. As family members, this was a big one again for us but we still accepted it and started running tests to see who matched with her fortunately enough one of us was a match and willing to donate.

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But our biggest worry is the money required for the transplant. As a family, we don’t have any savings because whatever money we made was to send for treatment.

When is she expected to be flown? 

It’s just that we have failed to raise money. They were supposed to leave on September 15, 2023, but as it is, we are still struggling in all corners to get the money required and hopefully, if all goes well, they will leave on September 29.

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Any message for those who can contribute and how do they send their support?

My appeal to the public is to help us save Patricia’s life by contributing whatever little they have. It means a lot.

Details to send support: Centenary Bank, A/C No. 3204023057 (Akurut Patricia), Mobile Money (MTN): 0785097921 or Airtel: 0751184007, registered in the names of Abaet Harriet or see flyer for details.


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