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UPC declares nationwide mobilisation tours 

(Last Updated On: 13 September 2023)

Kampala | Jimmy James Akena could appear on the ballot for Presidency in 2026, all signs tend to portray. 

The UPC party president and Lira City East MP, Akena, started his mobilisation tours from Kwania and Apac districts last week.

At the venues, the former first son was shown love, others urging him to run for President in the next general elections. 

Akena has yet to publicly heed the call. Some in the Congress party say it is just a matter of time for him to say in the affirmative. 

The first two events of last week, UPC says are part of the party’s national mobilization activities. 

“We thank and fully appreciate the contribution of the local leadership and membership towards the success of the mobilization activities. 

“We encourage all Party leaders and general membership to continue doing Party work and keep their respective branches active as we prepare for the 2026 general elections,” Arach Oyat, a party spokesperson said.

“UPC is now ready to offer the leadership that unites and carries forward the country to high levels of development,” she added. 

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