Road crashes kill 7 in North Kyoga in one week

Lira | North Kyoga Region has issued road safety updates for last week (August) registered across Lango sub-region. 

According to a report shared by the North Kyoga Regional Police spokesperson SP Jimmy Patrick Okema on Monday, August 28, 2023, 6 fatal crashes claimed 7 lives.

Eleven serious road crashes left 25 people injured and 1 crash left one with a minor injury, says Okema.

“It is very bad and unfortunate in relation to poor use of the road by motorcyclists and drivers who recklessly ride and drive, over speeding, dangerous mechanical conditioned vehicles and overloading, among others,” he added.

According to Okema, they (Police) have now embarked on community policing programs on radios, meeting boda-bodas, market vendors, lorry drivers and different categories of people.

Above all, they are conducting operations and issuing express penalty tickets to traffic and road safety breakers.

SP Okema appealed to the entire community to ensure that they follow road safety rules and regulations set by traffic police to avoid or reduce crashes.

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Uganda’s road crash record is worrying – with 12 deaths recorded everyday blamed on it.

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