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Oyam district  ranked 72nd by Ministry of Health 

(Last Updated On: 28 August 2023)

Oyam | The Ministry of Health has ranked Oyam district number 72 out of 146 districts across the country in terms of offering effective health services to the community.

The revelation was made by Benson Dila Oyuku, Oyam district LC5 chairman during a two-day Annual Health Performance review meeting held at Rainbow Hotel, Oyam district. 

According to the report from the Ministry of Health, in 2019, Oyam was ranked 136 out of 136 districts. In 2020 Oyam, was in position 118. 

Reading the same report to the meeting, Dila revealed that the Ministry of Health has, in the latest report, ranked Oyam in position 72 out of 146 districts across Uganda.

“In my tenure of leadership, Oyam district has significantly improved. This is something we need to appreciate the efforts put together by our leaders across Oyam district,” Dila added. 

Despite the great improvement in performance, Dr. Eunice Apio Otuku the newly elected Member of Parliament for Oyam North constituency still demanded the elevation of Anyeke Health Center IV to a district hospital.

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Dr. Apio Otuku in her petition to the Deputy Speaker, Thomas Tayebwa on August 23 said the issue of elevating and fully equipping Anyeke Health Center IV to a district hospital is currently one of the urgent and critical issues among the many in Oyam district which need to be addressed immediately. 

“When my immediate predecessor passed on, he left behind a number of crucial issues that are important for my constituency and I as the current Member of Parliament, am compelled to take them up. One of the very urgent issues is the issue of a district hospital which we don’t have”, said Otuku.

According to Dr. Apio, the highest level of a health service unit in Oyam district is Anyeke Health Center IV which at the moment is serving a population of more than 500,000 people.

Meanwhile, Dr Caroline Agaro, Assistant Health Officer, Oyam district who represented the District Health Officer during the engagement challenged fellow district health workers to be patriotic and transparent while on duty.

 “Health workers take on an oath therefore we need to love our places of work including the patients we work for” she added.

The principal assistant Secretary, Joel Atine who represented the Chief Administrative Officer noted that serious steps would be taken against civil servants who are corrupt and incompetent especially those who report late for duty. 

Atine noted that such people shall face the district disciplinary committee.

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