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Gulu University to promote bodybuilding as association sets contest for Mr Acholi 

(Last Updated On: 27 August 2023)

Gulu | Northern Uganda Body Building Fitness Association [NUBBFA] says the next edition will elect Mr Acholi bodybuilding champion. 

This year’s second edition of Mr. Northern’s bodybuilding and powerlifting competition was held in Gulu City’s Bomah Hotel. The winner was awarded with a trophy, medal, and cash. 

Organisers say the 3rd edition will bring new games like Bikini, body physics and bodybuilding, among others. 

TND News interviewed some of the participants at Plan-B Bar and Lounge where the competitions for the November 26, 2023 finals also kicked off. 

The competition is open to Acholi, Lango and Westline sub-regions.

Mr Willfred Kilama,  29, one of the previous winners of Mr. Northern body building comments that he is ready for the 3rd edition of Mr. Acholi sub-region competition to defend his title.

Kilama started his career in bodybuilding at 10 years old and recently said he has been supported by his parents both financially and psychologically. 

“Since Mr. Northern’s bodybuilding competitions happened, I have been in constant exercise and waiting to win this coming Mr. Acholi competition. I am preparing to participate in the Mr Uganda bodybuilding competition which will be hosted this year in December,” Kilama revealed.

He added that his next vision before reaching 35 years is to participate in international games [Mr. Olympia] and win trophies to show an example to the young generation. 

Kilama now appeals for support to make him move. “In some countries, bodybuilding people play until they reach 50 years.”

Rackara Emmanuel, 19, is a student at Gulu Army Secondary School in Gulu City. He participated in the previous Mr. Northern bodybuilding competition and was the 2nd runner-up.

He said the school would affect his games to win Mr. Acholi’s bodybuilding competition. “Come November, I will be in for end-of-year examinations for UNEB.”

Michael Ojok,  chairperson of NUBBFA says they will host the 3rd edition of Mr Acholi’s bodybuilding competition.

Mr. Michael started this as an individual but later many people joined in. However, for so many years this game has been abandoned and not supported by any leaders from the North. Up to now, we still lack support,” Michael explained.

Prof. Geroge Ladaah Openyjuru, Gulu University vice-chancellor who was the Guest of Honor said he started loving bodybuilding when he was young, but he did not enrol as an official player because there was less interest in the games by the community to promote.

Prof. Geroge added that bodybuilding games are okay for the brain to coordinate, adding that you become brighter. 

“This is a game like normal football which can make you look nice, and smart to brag around. This game, you can do it as a team or as an individual when doing exercise for fitness,” he added. 

The Gulu University Vice Chancellor confirmed that the university will introduce a body-building game so that young energetic youth can promote and embrace it. 

“The University for so long has been promoting games like karate and muscle art, wrestling, and  football, among others where we have won many trophies, medals and certificates.”

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