Focus on Lango ahead of ‘7th Land Awareness Week’ starting August 28

Kampala I On August 24, Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development Judith Nabakooba addressed a press conference in Kampala and talked about land issues in the Lango sub-region and the planned event.

It is worth understanding that land ownership in Lango is 90 per cent under customary tenure and communal ownership systems. Land, among other assets, remains so dear to the people of Lango.

Also, land ownership has generated many crime cases – with some leading to the death of parties involved.

A study conducted by Makerere University Institutional Repository shows how clan leaders in Lango sub-region – as a political force within society – are resisting the advance of (capitalist) markets in Land.

“The theoretical analysis contributes to the debates on the Land Question, by showing the legacy of colonial construction of customary laws on contemporary structures of clan power, in championing resistance to the expansion of land markets.

“The study argues that clan resistance to the marketization of land is related to questions of economic, cultural and political independence of society: from the state and the market,” the study reads in part.

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Now, it seems the planned awareness meeting is aimed at achieving some of the major concerns in the study above, and many other concerns the people of Lango have had for decades – on land.

“I would like to invite everyone in Lango sub-region to participate in the Land Awareness Week starting 28th this month to 1st Sept. This is an opportunity to know more about land rights, solutions and management practices, etc. I call upon the women, children and all persons to participate in the activities lined up,” Lands minister, Judith Nanakooba said.

According to her, the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development in partnership with seven district local governments, our partners and non-state actors are organising the seventh Land Awareness Week (LAW) to be held in Lango sub-region.

The meeting will be held under the theme: “Promoting Land Rights and Inclusion for Enhanced Production and Sustainable Development.”

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LAW, Land’s Nabakooba says aims at strengthening the capacity of farming communities, land owners and users including women, youth, PWDs and other vulnerable groups.

“The LAW 2023 shall provide a strategic platform for documentation of merging issues to inform reviews of policy and legal framework,” Minister Nabakooba adds.

A source at the Lands Ministry told TND News that the LAW will be held in Lira City, saying “because it is strategic”. He could not reveal the specific venue when asked.

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