Police raid bum-shafting den: four top dealers in the illicit-business in Njeru arrested

(Last Updated On: 23 August 2023)

Njeru I Residents and leaders of Njeru Municipality in Buikwe district are still struggling to come to terms with the fact that the outlawed anal sex commonly referred to as homosexuality has been going on in their area for months.

However, there is good news. Police have arrested four suspects, namely Patricia Nantume, 26, the proprietor of Cloud 9 Massage Parlour, situated in Bukaya West Zone; Hope Nawasasira, 20, Douglas Kibirige, 25, and Denis Kirumira, 27.

According to the Police, the four were arrested following a tip-off by one of the workers, Patricia Nahabwe who was allegedly dismissed from the job under unclear circumstances after she resisted the act.

She was thrown out of the gated building naked with the help of some gay clients, prompting her to report to the area secretary for the defence who in turn alerted the Police.

Nahabwe, who is now a prosecution witness one (PW1), should the matter go to the court, told State detectives that she was hired as massage personnel but ended up being a regular item on the daily menu of gay men who always feasted on her in exchange of some dimes.

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She told detectives that most of the clients who visit the parlour as bum-shafters of Asian origin, a sign that this illicit trade has no boundaries.

Just to show how far these guys have gone and are serious – is the nature and type of tools recovered from Cloud 9 Parlour which is now being treated as a crime scene.

They say the boss must be exemplary and so Patricia Nantume was found with an artificial penis (vibrator) which she also uses on the ladies who are working at the massage as she captures the video which she posts on TikTok.

Two packets of Shisa Flavor, used to soothe the mind of the shafters and send them to the ‘other world’, bottles of nice smelling oils to lubricate the anal canal (because this is not the true route for the subject matter under review, it’s always facilitated with some lubricants), tripods (camera stands) not that they are journalists, but a tool to mount cameras to capture the dangerous actions to forward to the sponsors who will wire good amount of dollars.

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The Ssezibwa Regional Police Spokesperson SP Hellen Butoto says the suspects are at CPS Njeru and will be arraigned in the court of law on August 23 2023.

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