Countries Ugandan passport holders don’t require visa to travel

(Last Updated On: 22 August 2023)

Kampala I Uganda has made a significant diplomatic compromise with more than 55 countries in Africa and Asia, allowing its citizens to travel without visa hassle.

In a list published by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control, Ugandan passport holders can travel to Benin, Ghana, Fiji, Zambia, Togo; Senegal and Bolivia.

Other countries are the Bahamas, Haiti, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Botswana, Rwanda, Samoa; Singapore, South Sudan, Sierra Leone, Malawi and Ecuador.

See the full list in the poster below.


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By July 2022, the Ministry of Internal Affairs said only 1.561 million Ugandans had passports. Uganda now has a population of more than 46 million people.

In July 2023, VisaGuide Passport Index ranked the Ugandan passport 141st in the world. The ranking significantly dropped to 81st as of August 2023 with new Visa-free destinations added.

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