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‘Stick to eradicating poverty in the world’ – Uganda’s Opendi to World Bank

(Last Updated On: 21 August 2023)

Kampala I World Bank has withdrawn its future public lending to Uganda after the East African country enacted her Anti-Gay Law. In a statement, the World Bank said the Law undermines their values, among other issues.

Uganda continues to remain unshaken – with its President telling the American-based lender that with or without their loans, Uganda will develop.

From religious to political and cultural leaders, World Bank has been condemned for the decision they have taken whilst they continue to engage Kampala on the passed Law.

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Speaking at a press conference at Parliament on August 21, 2023, Tororo district woman MP, Sarah Opendi asked World Bank to stick to its business of eradicating poverty in the world. To Opendi, Uganda will not accept to have homosexuality sin to be disguised as a human right.

“I want to tell World Bank that those Ugandans trying to confuse it (World Bank) and other partners ate looking for greener pastures. Once they achieve that they will become normal human beings,” she said.

“The Anit-homosexuality Act is intended to protect the children of this country. We are not going to allow the sexualisation of our children, sodomising our children and calling that human right,” Opendi, also State Minister for Mineral Development, added.

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Similarly, Asuman Basalirwa who is the main man behind this new Law accused World Bank of suspending funding without a thorough understanding of the entire provisions.

The Bugiri Municipality MP also doubling as President of the JEEMA party, Asuman “No Ugandan will be arrested for not reporting acts of homosexuality unless those acts are committed against vulnerable groups like children”.

“…when you look at the statement by the World Bank, it creates an impression that everyone will have committed an offence if they don’t report acts of homosexuality, that is wrong.”

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