Irrigation: Deputy RDC advises Gulu district staff to consult Amuru technocrats

Gulu I The Deputy Resident District Commissioner (DRDC) of Gulu, Cosmas James Okidi has called upon staff from his district to consult Amuru district technocrats when implementing the micro-scale irrigation scheme.

Amuru district recently received shs 870 million from the government through the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry, and Fisheries to facilitate the procurement and installation of micro-scale irrigation machines.

The irrigation machines are to aid 92 farmers who have shown interest in using it.

While addressing a Gulu team hosted by Amuru district on Tuesday, the deputy RDC, Okidi said that some staff shuns way from asking questions whenever they are stuck in implementing government programs.

According to Okidi, refusing to ask questions lead to the failure of the program – therefore poor service delivery to the beneficiaries.

DRDC added that the government is injecting a lot of money, especially iintoagricultural programs and expects to see value for money.

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Stephen Ojara, Amuru district principal assistant chief administrative officer welcomed the Gulu team and said Amuru district is open to sharing their experiences regarding the implementation of the micro-scale irrigation program.

“Our doors are widely open to other districts who wish to inquire and learn more on the implantation of the Micro Scale Irrigation program,” said Ojara.

Meanwhile, the Production officer, Simon Peter Komakech and Richard Kidega, Senior Agricultural Engineer of Amuru district attributed the success of the implementation of the program in the district to teamwork and strict adherence to set guidelines of the program.

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Amuru district has in the last two months hosted over 5 districts coming to learn from “Amuru’s experience” of implementation of the micro-scale irrigation scheme.

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