Gen Muhanga rallies Congolese nationals to support joint operations against ADF

(Last Updated On: 16 August 2023)

DRC I Congolese nationals in the areas of North Kivu, Beni territory, Karuruma, and Kalibuli village have praised the ongoing joint operation of the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF) and the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) code-named ‘Operation Shujaa’ for bringing peace and security in the area.

The nationals praised the joint efforts on August 15, 2023, at Kalibuli village during a public meeting where they requested the UPDF Commander Land Forces, Lt Gen Kayanja Muhanga to deliver their thanks to the President and Commander-in-Chief, Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

They also asked Gen Muhanga to deliver their thanks to their President, and Museveni’s counterpart, Félix Antoine Tshisekedi for working together to defeat the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) terrorist

Various speakers enumerated the positive changes brought by Operation Shujaa in their area. The Beni territory Chief of works, Muse Kakule said, “There can’t be development without peace, but now with this peace, roads can now be done. We are working on the Beni -Butembo road to facilitate free and easy movements for trade and development. We thank you, UPDF and FARDC for enabling this to happen.”

Matara Tembeya, the representative of the Beni territory Chief in Karuruma urged his fellow Congolese to support Operation Shujaa to have total peace in their area.

“UPDF and FARDC need our support, let us join them, they have done a great job. We must unite and push the terrorists out of our area.”

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Lt Gen Muhanga thanked the Wannanchi for their support that has enabled the joint forces to defeat the ADF in Ituri Province, especially in the areas of Tchabi, Kainama, Kambi ya Yua, Boga, Malibongo, Zunguluka and Malulu.

“We are now focusing on Mwalika Valley here, we need your full support to chase the ADF from here,” said Lt. Gen Muhanga.

Mwalika Valley, once a stronghold of the ADF was used for reception and training of the ADF recruits under the watch of senior ADF commanders Amigo and Mulaalo, says Major Bilal Katamba, Public Information Officer Mountain Division and Operation Shujaa.

Maj Bilal says Mulaalo was put out of action by the joint forces early this year while Amigo, has on several attacks survived narrowly.

“The joint forces have put their main offensive efforts in Mwalika valley to rid the areas of all terrorists,” he adds.

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