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ATMIS: Uganda sends 12 Police officers to Somalia as 14 returns

(Last Updated On: 16 August 2023)

Kampala I The Uganda Police Force’s Deputy Director of Operations, Senior Commissioner of Police, CP Omoding Wilson has urged officers to exhibit the highest level of discipline as ambassadors.

He also asked them to uphold Uganda’s reputation of diplomacy en route to and from the African Transmission Mission in Somalia (ATMIS). Uganda has both Police and UPDF personnel in Somalia under ATMIS to protect the Somalis and their property.

CP Omoding admitted the diverse environment faced by the officers while at the mission, saying it needs sacrifice and patience. He highlighted the importance of professionalism and the diversity of cultures faced while serving.

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Deputy Director empathized that there is a need for officers to remain focused and avoid making unrealistic commitments and over-promising due to salary increments that sometimes lead to financial mismanagement.

In addition, he cautioned returning officers to exercise discipline and in case of any quarry, they should seek support from proper channels other than resorting to social media.

Fourteen returning officers were granted a well-deserved fourteen-day rest period, a statement by Uganda Police says.

Uganda Police Force boss met the fourteen officers, including the twelve to replace them in Somalia this week on August 14, 2023, at the Police Headquarters in Naguru.

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