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Nsango COU fundraising drive: “No gun was pulled or fired” – Police clarifies as unverified reports circulate

(Last Updated On: 8 August 2023)

Jinja I Uganda Police Force (UPF) has dismissed as “a false and misleading news article” circulating on some websites and social media platforms that there was chaos during a fundraising drive at Nsango Church of Uganda in Bugiri district.

There were two different functions in separate locations at Nkazia in Nabukalu sub-county and another one at Nsango Church of Uganda in Buluguyi sub-county on Sunday, August 6, 2023.

The functions attracted a number of politicians and religious leaders who gathered happily to mobilize funds to support the growth and development of the two churches.

The Bugiri Woman MP, Agnes Taaka had extended an invitation to her colleagues to join in the noble spiritual cause for the houses of worship within her constituency.

The MP of Kigulu South, Milton Kalulu Muwuma, an Anglican, was the guest of honour while at the same a reciprocal gesture to Taaka (Catholic) who had sometimes back officiated in his constituency.

Before the Church event, there was a consultative meeting with the local leaders of Nabukalu sub-county and Nabukalu town council, together with Taaka’s village coordinators and the MPs.

The first activity at Nkazia ended well where she donated 100 iron sheets.

Reports say some mentally disturbed man threw stones, smashing the window screens of one of the vehicles (LC5 Chairman) that were heading to Nsango: the politicians saw no reason to report the matter to the Police since the suspect was insane.

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At Nsango, Taaka pledged 100 iron sheets promising to deliver this weekend, amidst deafening applause from the congregation, contrary to claims that the Christians became rowdy.

In what appeared to be a calculated smear campaign, some malicious people reported that the usually amiable Muwuma pulled out a pistol at the congregation which forced them to scamper for dear lives.

The Regional/Public Relations Officer, Busoga East, SSP Diana Nandawula has instead cautioned some elements bent on spreading harmful information to suit their political agenda.

“…we are also getting information about the alleged shooting from the media and efforts are underway to track down individuals spreading the falsehoods to avail us more details to substantiate their claims…” Nandawula told TND News, Otto Nelly.

We have understood that Bugiri district as a whole is already politically boiling up with clandestine manoeuvres and clique formation among different players ahead of the much anticipated 2026 general elections.

In the district (Bugiri), friends are becoming foes and vice-versa just for positions.

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