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“Leaders of over 900 UPC converts” sign cooperation agreement with NRM

(Last Updated On: 6 August 2023)

Kampala I The National Resistance Movement (NRM) party is excited to have officially signed cooperation agreements with five councillors from Oyam district.

These local leaders – all from Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party are Ocen Tonny, Denis Okullo, Doreen Alego, Ajok Loy Bless and Ojok Geoffrey Eyep.

Ocen and his colleagues joined Rashid Opio, George Ojwang Opota, Krispus Ayena Odongo, and others whom Richard Todowng, the Secretary General of NRM introduced and presented to President Yoweri Museveni on July 4.

The introduction was made during the last day of the NRM campaigns for the then-candidate for Oyam North by-election – Samuel Okello Engola Jr.

Todwong told the NRM national chairman, Museveni, that the ruling party had received “over 900 converts mainly from Uganda People’s Congress”.

The converts, Todwong told the party boss included district councillors who would later sign documents with the party in power.

Another set of converts were Opota and his colleagues aforementioned – all of whom, the Secretary-General said “are leaders of over 900 converts”.

On August 4, exactly 30 days after the UPC top converts and leaders, including the five local councillors joined the yellow bus, excitement has overwhelmed the carrier.

“Exciting news! Yesterday, five Oyam district councilors from Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) have joined forces with the National Resistance Movement in a promising cooperation agreement!

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“This commitment to serve the population together will undoubtedly bring positive change to Oyam. Thank you, Ajok Loy Bless, Aleka’s Ojok Geoffrey Eyep, Ocen Tonny, Doreen Alego, and Denis Okullo for your support!” the ruling party announced.

“The memorandum signed today gives the NRM government the morale and zeal to do more work in Oyam district. We are confident that the majority of the populations in Oyam are NRM supporters,” said Todwong.

“UPC-NRM Alliance”

Although many do believe that NRM and UPC are working together, the notion has been refuted by the Congress leaders and some members. Talking about it, and the crossing of UPC leaders and councillors to NRM on July 4, Jimmy Akena who’s the UPC party president said he was not ready to lose his identity.

“..trying to find a way whereby we can sit through and resolve certain issues of common interest. So, I’m trying to see that we make politics which is more friendly than adversarial and that does not mean that I have lost my ideology or I have lost my identity…

“.. and there is no way I’m going to accept to lose my identity or ideology because that has never been on the table. It has been how to forge a way in which we can handle politics.”

President Museveni has invariably described UPC as “an ally of NRM” and this was confirmed when he congratulated “ally UPC” and candidate, Dr Enuice Apio Otuko after she was declared MP Elect of Oyam North.

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