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Somali security forces urged to unite in fight against Al-Shabaab

(Last Updated On: 5 August 2023)

Mogadishu I The South West Federal State Minister for Security, Hassan Abdikadir Mohammed has called upon security forces in Somalia to unite to degrade Al-Shabaab.

Abdikadir made the call during the Barawe district security meeting on August 3, 2023, at Hotel Abu.

The minister reminded the security forces to always consult the Somali Constitution which spells out the roles of the armed forces of Somalia.

“Unity is strength and key to flush out Al-Shabaab. Let the Constitution be your guiding principle as you are obliged to protect it,” said Abdikadir.

He further urged Somali security forces to use the presence of the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) forces to decisively defeat Al-Shabaab.

The Minister also thanked ATMIS forces for creating an enabling environment where the federal government can provide services to the people. “By curtailing Al-Shabaab terror activities, the government can construct administrative structures and other social economic amenities,” he told the meeting.

Lt Col Hannington Kigula, ATMIS Commanding Officer of UPDF 41 Battalion who represented Col Christopher Berochan, the Battle Group 38 Commander, emphasized the importance of information sharing and cohesion among security forces.

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Kigula noted that without the aforementioned elements, Al-Shabaab exploit the opportunity to infiltrate and cause mayhem to innocent civilians.

“As ATMIS we are ready to work and cooperate with all stakeholders as mandated in order to create peace and stability in Somalia,” noted Lt Col Kigula.

The security meeting was attended by Nuur Siidow Baba, Minister for Endowment and Religious Affairs, Dahir Abdulahi, Minister of Public Works, Dr Libaan Osman, Barawe District Commissioner, Unit Commanders from SNA, Police and ATMIS, among others.

The delegation later inspected and laid a foundation stone at the site for the construction of the South West Federal State House.

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