Operation Shujaa: joint forces rescue teenage girls  

(Last Updated On: 5 August 2023)

North Kivu I A joint operation of the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) and the armed forces of the Congolese Army (FARDC) under operation shujaa continue to carry out what they both described as “successful attacks” against the ADF terrorist group in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

On Friday, August 5, in the general areas of Mwalika Valley, North Kivu province in DRC, the joint forces under UPDF’s 15th battalion attacked an ADF position and recovered a sub-machine gun (SMG) with one magazine.

“Most important, the joint forces were able to rescue two girls; a 17-year-old called Aisha Mbabazi and a five-year-old called Shaima.

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“Shaima is currently undergoing medical attention by the UPDF medical personnel because she was in a dire medical state manifesting severe symptoms of malnutrition and dehydration. The medical team is doing their best to save her life,” says Maj Bilal Katamba.

Maj Bilal is the Public Information Officer, Operation Shujaa and UPDF Mountain Division.

The joint forces, he said, “Condemn in the strongest terms the acts of abducting and inducting children into terror organizations through radicalization.”

“The joint forces are combing the general areas of Mwalika from where the two girls were rescued to ascertain that no other child is still trapped in the wild,” he added.

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