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Frank Oyugi is no longer part of TND News

(Last Updated On: 5 August 2023)

During the Board of Directors Extraordinary Meeting of June 21, 2023, it was unanimously resolved that Frank Oyugi, who has been the Director of Content and Strategic Communications and Editor with TND News and GLCSMS be relieved from his positions.

The resolutions, Frank is aware of, were made pursuant to legal provisions in Article 16 (b), (e) and (h) and Article 18 (24) and (25) of GLCSMS.

TND News or its parent, GLCSMS, is not able to issue additional information on why Frank left us.

“I have known Frank for years and he has been part of us. While we feel this development should not have occurred, we are expected to accept what circumstances offer us.

“The publication will forever be grateful for all his efforts over the years,” says Milton Emmy Akwam, Founder and Executive Director of TND News.

On behalf of everyone at the publication and GLCSMS, “We wish him (Frank) the best in his endeavours – and thank him for being part of us,” Akwam adds.

2 thoughts on “Frank Oyugi is no longer part of TND News

  1. What transpired exactly? I hope all is and shall be well. Good luck in all his (Frank’s) endeavours.

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