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Adyel primary school wins FUFA U14 competition for Lira district

(Last Updated On: 5 August 2023)

Sports in Brief I By Emmanuel Opio

Lira I Adyel primary school emerged winner of the 2023 U14 football competition for Lira district.

The competition is part of the Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) activities to promote sports across the country.

Six teams from Lira district participated in matches played at Adyel primary school playground. The host, Adyel went to the final with Lira primary school – beating Lira Primary 1-0.

The team captain to Adyel, Ocwic Derick stated that they played “well though the game had been a tough game”.

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Isaac Otoa is the headmaster of Adyel primary school. He said the players shall be “offered bursaries to help them study as a reward in sports”.

According to Odongo Anthony, the General Secretary of FUFA for Lira district, the initiative for sports is to promote talent for children under 14 years.

Odongo added that regional competitions shall be played in Tanzania.

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