Exclusive: Why Police bosses created East and West Aswa policing regions

(Last Updated On: 4 August 2023)

Lira | Reasons why Uganda Police Force has created another regional police headquarters in Acholi sub-region have been disclosed to TND News

The beneficiaries of the newly established East Aswa Regional Police Command Zone are Kitgum, Lamwo, Pader, and Agago districts.

West Aswa Regional Police Command Zone remains with Gulu City, Amuru, Omoro; Nwoya and Gulu districts. The previous division comprised eight districts and one city under the abolished Aswa River Region Police Command Zone.

It will ensure more effective policing in Acholi sub-region, according to Police.

The new creation is further aimed at addressing challenges stemming from the region’s vast size and its proximity to the border with South Sudan.

The decision was initially announced by the then Inspector General of Police, General Kale Kayihura.

Speaking to TND News, Friday, the Police spokesperson CP Fred Enanga says there is continuous restructuring in the Police Force to ensure better delivery of policing services to the community.

Enanga says that the policing approach they are actually taking during this time is an expansive community policing module where they are extending expansive services in the form of having more police officers in the rural area with the need for streamlining command and control.

“There are some regions that have an RPC policing about 6-8 districts,” says Enanga.

In terms of supervision, command and control, Enanga says Police normally face challenges in policing services, prompting management to call for the need to split the Aswa Region Police Command Zone (East and West command zones).

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According to Enanga, the West Acholi commander is Tamaya Gertrude, who succeeds Damalie Nachuha now transferred to East Kyoga.

Meanwhile, Anatoli Katungwesi will lead the East Acholi region based on the experience he has in the neighbouring region (Lango sub-region).

With the division of Aswa command region, Enanga now believes the community will have better policing service delivery since commanders will be brought nearer to people as issues and complaints from the community will be easily addressed.

“Why we bring these commanders nearer to the people is because it helps in addressing some of the issues and also makes the commanders reachable.

“Where you find a peasant farmer being victimized or whose rights are being abused at the police post, will find it easy to move from the Police post/station or division to go and meet the Regional Police Commander, and that is okay,” Enanga reveals to this publication.

He further says this will help the police carry out more effective supervision of personnel since the RPC will now have fewer districts to manage, making it easy for him to carry out supervision of activities, inspection and command.

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