Minister Amongi’s 4 points as debates on Lira City Woman MP seat continue

(Last Updated On: 2 August 2023)

Lira I If rumours that the Oyam South MP, Betty Amongi, also Gender Minister is planning to contest for Lira City Woman MP seat in 2026 is true, then she might have given an indication.  

For more than two weeks now, some political “commentators” and supporters of both Ministers Betty Amongi and Dr Jane Ruth Aceng have been embroiled in protracted debates on WhatsApp.

The debates materialized after unconfirmed reports emerged that Gender Minister has unequivocal interest to oust Health Minister, Dr Aceng from her seat in 2026.

In what seems to be a clear indication that indeed what has been rumoured could be true, on July 31, Amongi informed a WhatsApp group.

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She said: “For a city to develop, we need the three factors of production: Land, Labour and capital.”

  1. Lira City and Lira District are currently crippled because of the unresolved land question. I have money to build a remand home, UIA requires land to build an industrial park, and several businesses cannot proceed with obtaining mortgages and building plans, all these because files are in State House anti-corruption unit!

Only about 5% of the titles are under investigation but all the files cannot be released! To me, this is economic sabotage that all of us should join hands to resolve. No economy can develop without land.

  1. We need cheap capital to develop, let’s work to achieve that. 
  2. Addressing Social Issues. My ministry coordinates most initiatives 
  3. Someone told H.E. and the cabinet that Akena Jimmy has been pushed to the village and come 2026, he will be no more! And a lot of underground movement has been, and still going on, to eliminate Betty Amongi and her husband from the politics of Lango; the solution is with the people of Lango come 2026.

“Please, leave other MPs out of the debate. Its people who have started the war; Nobody is responsible for the reaction to the provocation,” she said.

Last week, Dr Aceng’s political assistant said they were not scared of any interest by Gender Minister to vie against the incumbent.

4 thoughts on “Minister Amongi’s 4 points as debates on Lira City Woman MP seat continue

  1. I had suggested to Lango MPs a few weeks back to raise on the Floor of Parliament this issue of Land Files impounded by SHACU. It’s a painful and needless blocking of development efforts of many.

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