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Minister Anite defends a photo she posted on X kissing her husband, Kajik

(Last Updated On: 30 July 2023)

State Minister for Investment in the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, Evelyn Anite has Sunday, July 30 treated her X followers to a rare sight.

Anita, not shy to express how she loves her husband Allan Kajik, posted a photo of them enjoying life. One of the photos, seen kissing Kajik with both eyes open, attracted wider audiences.

In the photo, Kajik is visibly seen to have closed his eyes – while his wife – the country’s investment minister – holds him gently and life enjoyment continues.

“Happy Sunday friends, next time I will for holiday with only those who make good comments,” Anita said, with three emojis showing happiness.

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What are people saying? Below are selected comments from her X followers, unedited

Dr Kenneth Omona Olusegun: Jajja said if he does it in pubic he can loose elections now we are all fearing, ivini OO @OfwonoOpondo fears. @DuncanAbigaba and @KakwenzaRukira are the Wataalam.

Herbert Baluku: Of all Ugandan Hon.ministers, There things a Hon. Minister should display to the public but this one doesn’t deserve any respect.

Hon. Anite Evelyn responds to Baluku: This our marriage was blessed by God, in the presence of the public and the head of state. So my dear I am just trying to tell the young generation to love and get married to the right partner not those things of a man marrying a fellow man.

Alinaitwe Brian: This is total Malady. Pray for next reshuffle

Anite responds: My dear I am good with my work as you know.

One thought on “Minister Anite defends a photo she posted on X kissing her husband, Kajik

  1. Can’t comprehend this and failing to understand the cause of this affection, romances and love public displays by a High Profile persona!! Something isn’t just Right but can’t tell what???

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