SAGE beneficiaries in Lira given hope by gender minister

(Last Updated On: 28 July 2023)

Lira I Government programme for the elderly, Social Assistance Grant Empowerment (SAGE)  is supporting dozens of beneficiaries across Uganda.

Whereas it supports people who have reached 80 years, in August 2022, MPs proposed to the government to lower the age to 70 years.

A report by the Committee on Equal Opportunities presented before Parliament in August 2022 further demanded affirmative action for women – recommending that women should start benefiting from the programme when they clocked 65 years.

The MPs also asked for an increment of 10 per cent to shs25,000 paid monthly.

SAGE is a programme under the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development whose Minister is Betty Amongi – also the Oyam South MP.

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On Thursday, July 26, Minister Amongi met a group of SAGE beneficiaries in Lira City and Lira District and committed to supporting them.

The meeting took place in Lira City.

Amongi promised to start working with Community Development Officers to address the challenges in SAGE, further saying she is ready to improve their (elders’) welfare.

Talking about Parish Development Model (PDM), Gender Minister warned banks against deductions of beneficiaries’ money.

“The grace period for PDM repayment is two years,” she said, tasking Centenary Bank to balance the one hour scheduled they spent with each point to ensure proper adjustments.

At least 80 elders, CDOs and other officials from Lira City and Lira District attended the meeting.

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