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Queen Amolo blasts African leaders over trip to Russia

(Last Updated On: 3 August 2023)

Lira I The 2026 Presidential hopeful Queen Dorothy Amolo has blasted African leaders over trip to Russia for Africa-Russia Summit 2023.

Some African leaders flew to Russia on the invitation of President Vladmir Putin and Uganda’s delegation was led by President Yoweri Kaguta.

Some of them privately met Putin who promised food supplies to the continent, among others. Zimbabwean’s Emmerson Mnangagwa was gifted a presidential chopper.

Some politicians in Uganda and on the continent, including the West are concerned about the leaders’ trip to Putin.

Queen Amolo, Uganda’s first woman to announce ambitions for President in the 2026 general elections has this to say on X:

“Shame on African Leaders who left their sovereign countries on the account of Putin’s invitation to seek handouts. We don’t need Russia to set up factories in Uganda to add value to our goods, we can hike the prices of our raw materials and still achieve our goal. X=MONEY!”

“What exactly has Uganda placed on the table as a bargaining power in the Russia-Africa Summit??? We know what Russia has promised the African countries/leaders. What exactly have these leaders promised Russia????? Minerals, supporting Ukraine war… Who is winning?” Amolo asked.

Read President Museveni’s full speech to Putin and African leaders here.

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