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UPDF clarifies why millitary Police are manning traffic flows

(Last Updated On: 2 August 2023)

In brief, National | Military Police (MP) are now part of the Police traffic and road safety enforcement team, TND News understands. 

Pictures of MP officers in jackets worded “MILITARY POLICE” with another word “TRAFFIC” underneath, were posted on social media, attracting some public concerns.

For many years, Police have been understood by many as the only enforcers of traffic and road safety measures in the country.

However, the above notion is now gradually changing.

Col Deo Akiiki, the Deputy Defence Spokesperson said: “..mostly the work of these guys is to support police eliminate those who drive and pretend to be military with UPDF jackets and uniforms in their cars.”

According to Col Akiiki, the presence of MP traffic officers is “also not to allow us in UPDF behave funny while in the road simply because we are UPDF”.

“Also take note, thugs in UPDF uniforms have at some point put roadblocks only to rob Wanainchi.”

He revealed on Thursday that so far about 50 military jackets have been confiscated from the operation which is about a week now in existence.

“They (MP) know but are also cognizant of the restrictions of the military,” the Deputy Defense spokesperson added.

On deployment, Akiiki could not be able to give out the numbers of MP traffic officers currently supporting the Police.

While on the disciplines of the officers, he stated that “…some of our own who have been on the road wrongly or in breach of our code of conduct have been apprehended for possible trial at our courts”.

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