Gulu FDC party leaders demand reconciliation as internal roars shock nation

(Last Updated On: 27 July 2023)

GuluFDC party leaders from Gulu district and Gulu city have called for immediate peace and reconciliation among top leaders operating at Najjanakumbi, Kampala.

There are currently internal roars, accusations and counter-accusations about “illegal money” from “unknown sources” that the top bosses – party President Patrick Amuriat Oboi and Secretary-General Nathan Nandala Mafabi are alleged to have received and made it “known to a few” top leaders.

Many say it is only the two leaders with the details of the funding deals.

The allegations have seen the party’s spokesperson also Kiira Municipality MP, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, Nandala, Amuriat, Erias Lukwago; Dr Kizza Besigye, founding party president, among others, sharing “classic revelations and words of its kinds since FDC was founded more than 18 years ago”.

Now, with top bosses trading in leaks and attacking each other, their aides at district and city levels have said, “It’s enough, men.”

In a meeting held Tuesday, July 25 at the home of the FDC chairman for Gulu City in Pece-Laroo division, the troubled party’s elected leaders, among them LC5 and 4 councillors among other party members came out with resolutions.

The meeting, to begin with, blamed what it described as “an all-out war between Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) bigwigs Nathan Nandala Mafabi, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda and Patrick Amuriat’s” fight over money on State House.

Denis Nono, a councillor for Arriaga ward, Bardege-Layibi to Gulu city council said the top FDC leaders are undermining leaders and members from the North.

For many years, Nono argued that they (NanjjankuMbi-based leaders) have been taking them for granted not knowing they are “the most core members who are putting efforts of developing the party, they should not take the party as individual owning”.

Nono added that for the fights to be stopped, they must both come down and make peace and reconcile with one another, preaching unity; accepting what he or she did wrong in order to make unity and development of the party.

“Members from the grassroots are the most suffering in resource mobilization, recruitment processes for the party and structures, but others are taking it as individuals’ belonging,” Nono said.

Andrew Ogwaeta, the directly elected councillor LC5, Laroo North, said from the years 2001-2021, “FDC was a bank of local council leaders all over Uganda. This means, FDC dominated NRM ruling government in terms of grooming eloquent leaders that are currently leading Uganda.”

He added that the North is the “core basin” of FDC members and said the division from the national level would not affect them, appealing to supporters to be calm and united.

“We have not to lose hope over the confusion. It will be resolved amicably without the division of the leaders.

“We, from the North, our youth league and women league will continue driving for resource mobilizations from the well-wishers, triggering future generation development of FDC in Northern Uganda,” he vowed.

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Morris Odong, the councillor LC5, Pece South, said that it is too earlier for other members to start celebrating the downfall of the FDC party. “The current standoff justifies a way to prepare a road map for new leaders and give way for those who want to leave the party so that we remain pure FDC members.”

“FDC from the North will not get into the dance tune of money issues from the headquarters, they should use the principles of FDC to acquire finances,” Odong added.

Florence Lalam, the secretary of FDC Laroo-Pece division also a female councillor for Laroo, disclosed that some members are just claiming to be FDC but their interest was “to fish and run away”.

“We will not die as a party. However, partly it will affect the grassroots members.

“The confusion of the top leaders has made us lay down our tools for organizing for the internal election of the party structure. However, we are facing more pressure from the headquarters to mobilize. We will not accept.

“The NRM government should not get excited with this fight because a country without strong opposition makes it difficult in running the government. Opposition is to guide them. The rebel groups may come in and disorganize us (FDC) and also give guidance to the government in their works,” Lalam noted.

Moses Abonga is the Gulu district FDC chairperson. A former LC3 Chairman of Laroo division, Abonga said the Tuesday meeting was to resolve the matters and get a standpoint and challenge top leaders for the disorganization.

The meeting, he added was also convened to demand for reconciliation among Nandala and colleagues, saying those fighting are pursuing positions and accountability.

He urged that members from Acholi sub-region strongly demand neutral ground for the delegates’ conference seemingly scheduled for December 2023, saying Gulu is a “strong base for supporters of FDC from the North”.

“Resolutions for this meeting will be presented before the table of the national council meeting scheduled to take place on July 28, 2023,” he added.

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