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MP Acuti’s programme to empower Kole North youth

(Last Updated On: 25 July 2023)

Kole | Six months ago, Kole North MP, Dr Samuel Opio Acuti started a skilling programme for his constituency youth.

The programme was to see youth from underprivileged homes acquire training in tailoring, carpentry, building and construction; hairdressing and mechanics.

The beneficiaries are from different sub-counties in Kole North, Kole district.

Six months later, MP Acuti is happy to meet the trainees.

“Held a meeting with 300 youths that have completed my 6 months skilling programme on Tailoring, Carpentry, Building and construction, Hairdressing and mechanics.

“Will be supporting them to open an association and give them equipment, tools and materials as a starter pack for their self-employment journey,” said Acuti on Monday.

Also, in 2022, Kole got its third vocational school with 123 in first enrollment.

Fulfilling pledges 

In February 2022, Dr Opio Acuti fulfilled one of the pledges to his electorates during his campaigns to represent them in the 11th Parliament.

During his campaigns, Dr Acuti made several pledges which included buying ambulances for the three sub-counties in Kole North.

He also promised to provide electricity to their homes through the Rural Electricity Agency.

On February 26, the MP surprised his constituency with brand-new and well-equipped ambulances.

Addressing his people at Aboke Town Council Headquarters, he reminded them that the three ambulances were one of the pledges he made while campaigning.

“I was prompted to buy ambulances after two incidents where two expectant mothers nearly died in 2021 due to lack of ambulances in Kole district,” he told the meeting.

The ambulances, he said were bought at shs360m.


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