‘No surrender, no retreat’: Jinja FDC councillor takes war against fellow councillor to PM Nabbanja

(Last Updated On: 18 July 2023)

Jinja I The embattled female councillor for Jinja West constituency Juliet Agnes Kadama has vowed to pursue her legal battle with her Jinja East constituency male counterpart, Richard Mbazira ‘process by process’, to the apex court until ‘justice’ is achieved.

Combative and fearless or even careless as usual, Kadama bravely approached Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja to help in handling her case against her political nemesis, Mbazira.

“…Mama, I need your help otherwise this man (Mbazira) wants to finish me by using his ‘ill-gotten money’ to bribe everywhere, I need very powerful women lawyers from FIDA please…” the cantankerous FDC councillor pleaded.

FIDA is an acronym for the International Federation of Women Lawyers that was created in 1944 to promote, protect, and preserve the rights, interests and well-being of women and children.

The Uganda version is the Uganda Association of Women Lawyers (FIDA-Uganda), operating as a feminist NGO formed in 1974, currently being headed by Lillian Byarugaba Adriko – an experienced advocate of the High Court as the Chief Executive Officer.

Kadama made her plea on Saturday when Nabbanja was at the Source of Nile Agriculture and Trade Showground where she officiated at the week-long closure of the education show segment.

Nabbanja, who made news on November 18, 2022, when she stormed the Rubaga Chief Magistrate Court and rescued a widow, Gertrude Nalule who was jailed over a shs2.8m debt, has given an appointment to Kadama.

The date has been kept confidential by Kadama who fears Mbazira and the group can easily sabotage.

In reaction, Mbazira dismisses the move as “inconsequential” – saying Kadama is the least qualified person who can threaten him, adding that the FDC politician will not escape paying him the expenses incurred.


The disturbing matter arose from an alleged fracas between Kadama and Mbazira during a council meeting held at the Council Chambers in August 2022, convened by Speaker Bernard Mbayo.

The council meeting was for councillors and civil servants at the City Hall to have an interface or welcome ceremony with the new Town Clerk, Edward Lwanga.

Kadama later dragged Mbazira to the court of law over an alleged assault which reportedly led to serious health complications on her part.

In her civil suit No. 111 of 2022, the very talkative Kadama asked for special and general damages arising from the alleged assault which her lawyer argues insulted the modesty of a woman plus the costs of the suit.

Through her lawyer Faisal Kirema and Isaac Turimubona from M/S Wasswa P. Silas and Co Advocates, Kadama also complained that Mbazira’s action embarrassed her as a married woman, public figure and that her rights as a woman were violated.

Interestingly, Kadama and Mbazira are like political twins having served as councillors at Busoga Square during the reign of Titus Kisambira as Jinja District LC5 chairman, before Jinja Municipal Council attained a City status.

However, after eight months, the matter was on Friday, July 14, 2023, dismissed with costs by the Magistrate Grade One, Yafesi Ochieng, who did not find any implicating evidence against Mbazira.

“…the nature of this case appears malicious and not brought in good faith. It is apparent that the plaintiff (Kadama) has a lot of political differences with other members at the council…” Magistrate Ochieng observes.

In the 12-page ruling, the Magistrate avers that in the first place, the case was not necessary but that Kadama was trying to use the court to seek financial benefits instead of solving her political misunderstanding at the Council.

“…I find the plaintiff a candidate of paying costs to pass a message to the rest of the members that politics is done at the council but not in court… in the final result, this suit has no merit and the same is hereby dismissed with costs to the defendant…,” Ochieng judged.

The ruling was welcomed by the equally very talkative Mbazira who now wants his Kampala City Attorney, Timothy Isiko of M/S Bloom Advocates to apply for costs, which are in millions to be paid by Kadama.

The equally determined Kadama plans to appeal against the ruling which she alleges was not fair because Mbazira used money to influence the magistrate.

She provides no evidence of the allegation, apart from saying Mbazira was talking a lot on the phone on the day.

While Kadama is an ardent supporter of FDC, Mbazira on the other hand subscribes to the ruling NRM party and is passionate about President Yoweri Museveni.

Multiple sources we talked to say the two are extremist belligerents who do not want dialogue apart from nurturing and nursing personal vendetta which seems to have reached maturity level.

Mbayo, who also belongs to the opposition FDC and treats Kadama wonderfully with a lot of love for standing firm and voting for him during the tricky election of the Council Speaker, is disturbed why Kadama is that confrontational.

A former councillor to the district, Jenifer Konga says her efforts to reconcile the two councillors were rejected, saying dialogue is the best for politicians who have the mandate of their respective voters.


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