GLOFORD’s Ongom calls for youth mentorship at the transatlantic conference in Zambia

(Last Updated On: 16 July 2023)

Kampala I More than 50 delegates from Africa, Europe and other continents assembled in Zambian Capital, Lusaka from July 10 to 14, 2023 for round-table talks on race, religion and politics.

The international conference dubbed,The Global Transatlantic Round-table” run under the theme: “Next Generation Nation Building” at the University of Zambia.

It was organized by the African diaspora and indigenous Africans to interchange on the challenges facing the continent and start the march to a new dispensation.

Socioeconomic, political and religious renaissance were topics widely discussed, with each delegate sharing the current challenges they face locally, continentally and within the broader global paradigms.

Global Forum for Development (GLOFORD) Chief Executive Officer Dr Morris Chris Ongom was the only delegate from Uganda.

Speaking to TND News from Lusaka, Dr Ongom said what he (they) learnt shall be domesticated through more engagements with the private sector on driving our economy through more intentionality in developing private sector-led development that is more equitable, inclusive and sustainable.

Ongom, also the President of Lira City Development Forum, or LCDF, said he and the delegates took great lessons from Zimbabwe, South Africa and other nations.

“We also discussed opportunities for bilayer partnerships and twinning of Lira City with other cities – where we now have contacts. Friends are willing to visit Lira City and discuss with the private sector and City Council on areas of possible partnerships.

“We shall also be working with friends from the Universities in South Africa and Botswana to share with us models of partnerships that our region can adopt especially through the Northern Uganda Regional Development Forum (NURDEF) to which I am also a steering committee member,” said the President of LCDF.

Private actors like hoteliers, he said should “incorporate culture tourism in their packages to market Lango’s rich culture” which is important for visitors and tourists where they visit.

Dr Ongom and a delegate at the University of Zambia.

“Remember that people travel to spend and stay, be model and it is important we build the tourist attractions linking to our hotel value chains,” he implored.

Going forward 

CEO of GLOFORD said there is indeed a lot of work to do in, and for Lango, stating that upon return he will consult widely and start “Lango Future”, a program he said will give a platform to young people and adults to understand where Lango came from and where it should go.

Leaders at different levels, Ongom desired should be interested to know the future of Lango.

“If we accept to be fraidy-cats, yet we were great leaders, we must moan greatly. The concept of property wrangle, unrealistic fights and intrigue are not part of our culture. We are intelligent people, bold, learned and God-fearing. In leadership record we are there, in the record of sports, we are there. So, we want Lango who wants to move should use the same speed we used while seeking Independence.

“I have been here changing ideas with different people and I asked their perception of the Late Dr Apollo Milton Obote and I was told Obote had a good relation between Zambia and Uganda. He (Dr Obote, RIP) and his brother Kenneth Kaunda (RIP) struggled for Africa entirely and we have a good legacy.

“To the young people, indeed we have the advantage to ride on the legacies of our father, Obote and that of different old men and women of Lango have set,” Dr Ongom said.

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