Museveni ‘happy’ embassies serving Uganda enemies coffee

(Last Updated On: 14 July 2023)

Kampala, July 13, 2023: President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has accused some embassies in the country of hosting Uganda’s enemies.

Museveni, while addressing the nation on July 13 on the security situation in the country, with a specific focus on ADF, said there is a need to fill some gaps in intelligence collection, adding that doing so will be the end of ADF in Uganda and the DRC.

Attacks like that of Lhubiriha secondary school in Kasese on June 16, he said were because security in the area had relaxed.

Museveni blamed our Police for not using dogs while doing their intelligence. “Dogs are very useful,” he said, adding, “Only that Ugandans are also strange. When something happens, they all run there and dismantle the scene of crime.”

The 79-year-old President assured the country, saying, “We have created a national army that can fight any type of war with whoever, no matter who you are. Big or small.”


On foreign enemies in the country and outside, he stated that while “we aim at achieving total cohesion within the population, we are also aware of some Ugandan enemies”.

Museveni revealed that some of the enemies are backing the country’s leading newspaper – Daily Monitor. 

Relatedly, he said some Ugandan enemies spend time in some embassies.

“Nonetheless, these embassies have good budgets to keep them busy drinking Ugandan coffee. They are supporting our economy.”

“We know them, we are following them. The good thing is that they are drinking Ugandan coffee in these embassies and supporting the economy, but we know them,” Museveni tells the country.

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