130 Kenyan pupils participate in the IWPG 5th Int’l Loving Peace Art Competition

(Last Updated On: 13 July 2023)

Nairobi, July 14, 2023: The International Women Peace Group (IWPG Kenya branch) hosted the “5th International Loving Peace Art Competition” in each region in Kenya.

The preliminary rounds recorded 130 pupils. The event took place from June 15 to 22, 2023.

Greenyard Primary School under Principal Miss Wambui and Kiaboeera Academy Primary School managed by Mr Joseph Magara jointly organized part one of the event on June 20.

Rona School of Excellence’s Principal Mary Goretti, Orengo primary school‘s Mr. Domnick Abutho on July 3 jointly organized the IWPG Kenya Branch to conclude the 5th International Loving Peace Art Competition.

The art competition was actively sponsored by the Global 12 Branch of the World Women’s Peace Group under Branch Manager Lee Soo-Jung.

A total of 130 Kenyan elementary school learners participated in the 5th International Loving Peace Art Competition held under the theme: “A World of Peace Learned from Nature.”


The aforementioned competition was organized to remind children and teenagers of the painful history of war and to inform them of the end of the war and the world peace culture.

In the face-to-face competition as COVID-19 eased, pupils drew pictures according to the event’s progress, and professional judges selected excellent works according to the screening criteria.

An excited pupil taking part in the drawing.

The first, second, and third places were awarded scholarships and certificates. The works selected as the first prize in each national competition will be sent to the Republic of Korea, where the headquarters is located, and they will compete again in the finals with the first prize-winning works sent from around the world. The finals ceremony is scheduled to be held in October.

IWPG is a world-class female NGO registered with the UN Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC) and the UN Global Communication Agency (UNUNGC) and is actively engaged in peace activities through women’s peace education, peace culture propagation projects, DPCW support, and promotion activities, and women’s peace networks around the world.

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