Engola Jr concedes Oyam North by-election loss in emotional message 

(Last Updated On: 8 July 2023)


  • Oyam North MP seat was won by the UPC candidate Dr Eunice Apio Otuko
  • Samuel Okello Engola of NRM came second with 15,161 votes
  • President Museveni congratulated UPC and MP Elect on Friday

“Acknowledging the People’s Choice and Paving the way Forward.”

Oyam North, July 8, 2023: Today, I stand before you, humbled and grateful, to extend my deepest appreciation to the people of Oyam North. I wholeheartedly thank both those who voted for me and those who cast their ballots for other candidates. Your commitment to exercising your constitutional rights in this election is a testament to the strength of our democracy.

I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to the National Resistance Movement (NRM) for endorsing my candidacy in this election. A special acknowledgement goes to the NRM Chairman, His Excellency Yoweri Museveni, as well as the NRM Secretariat, NRM Executive, Oyam District, and the Independent Electoral Commission of Uganda. Their dedicated efforts in overseeing the entire electoral process, from start to finish, deserve commendation.

While we may be disappointed with the election results, we refuse to be disheartened. We gave our all to secure victory, but ultimately, the people of Oyam North made a different choice through their ballots, and we respect their decision.

Regrettably, this election took place amidst tragic circumstances, following the untimely loss of my father, who was unjustly taken from us by his own escort. Had it not been for this unfortunate event, I would not have participated in this election, and perhaps, it would not have occurred at all.

The decision to step forward as a candidate was not an easy one, but it was motivated by the desire to fulfil my father’s unfinished term of office. However, Oyam North has spoken, and I accept their verdict with the utmost respect.

I extend my heartfelt congratulations and gratitude to the candidate who emerged as the winner in this race. I implore you to serve the interests of the people of Oyam North diligently, ensuring the delivery of effective services that uplift the lives of our constituents.

To my fellow contenders, I offer my congratulations and gratitude for your participation. To those whom I may have inadvertently crossed paths with during the campaigns, I extend my forgiveness, and to those whom I may have unintentionally offended, I humbly ask for your forgiveness.

Despite having evidence that some electoral processes were flawed in certain areas, I have made a conscious decision to refrain from pursuing legal action. The realization that the term of elected leaders is relatively short, less than three years, fills me with the hope that, in due time, we will return to the people of Oyam North and continue our journey towards parliament from where we left off.


To my supporters, I urge you to remain strong and composed. You have fulfilled your duty, and I trust that divine intervention will guide us through this challenging period. Rest assured, I will always be available to lend my support to my people, advocating for their needs and aspirations.

Lastly, I extend my sincere gratitude to the people of Lango, whose invaluable contributions played a significant role in the successful conclusion of this election. The multitude of opinions shared on radio and various social media platforms has greatly shaped the course of events in Oyam North.

May God bless each and every one of you as we embark on the next chapter of our journey. Together, let us build a brighter future for Oyam North.

Jr. Samuel Engola Okello

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