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UPC disciplines NRM in Oyam North

(Last Updated On: 29 July 2023)

Oyam, July 7, 2023: Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) party has won the Oyam North MP seat after several cases of ballot stuffing, bribery and intimidation on the polling day – July 6.

In the afternoon, UPC party president Jimmy Akena and Dr Tanga Odoi, the chairman of the NRM electoral commission exchanged bitter words over claims of electoral malpractices. Akena said in Tanga’s face, “You are a thief” and Tanga charged back, saying, “You are stupid”.

Oyam North By-election was expected to be hot especially with both Akena – a man seen to be working with, and for Museveni and President Museveni all calling huge rallies on the final day of the campaign to vote for their candidate.  

Dr Eunice Apio Otuko was competing against three men. Until the beginning of the polling, the four candidates were all sure of the victory.

Unfortunately, only one was to be a winner, and few minutes before midnight, 11:34 pm, UPC candidate was declared victor. Jubilation and sadness soon commenced.

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Dr Apio obtained 15,781 votes while NRM candidate, Samuel Okello Engola who was racing to replace his late father, was trusted with 15,161 votes.

Freddy Newton Okello of FDC got 714 votes and Daniel Okello of NUP got 403 votes, according to Onoba Richard, the Returning Officer for Oyam electoral district.

Total votes cast were 32,751, according to the electoral body. It’s worth noting that at Parliamentary level, Oyam district is not only “female “but “UPC”.

Oyam South MP is Betty Amongi and the District Woman MP is Santa Alum Ogwang.

The Oyam North MP seat became vacant after the assassination of Col Rtd Okello Engola Macodwogo on May 2 by his bodyguard.

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“Its been a good win for everybody,” MP Elect said shortly after she was declared winner.

Dr Apio has promised to reach out to the other three candidates irrespective of political parties, saying each of them has good ideas that will help her.

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