Of the 3 men who defected from UPC: “NRM is hiding place for political opportunists” – Otto

(Last Updated On: 6 July 2023)

By Ishaa Otto Amiza

Oyam, July 6, 2023: NRM party is proud to have received top converts from UPC, and defections are healthy for political development.

I would like to welcome the defection of Hon. Krispus Ayena Odongo, Hon. Ojwang Opota Hon. Opio George Rashid and others who formally left UPC and joined the Museveni’s NRM group.

First, it’s their inherent right to shift allegiances and parties. Secondly, the UPC leadership under Jimmy Akena is already in bed with the NRM and hence there is nothing like moving from UPC to NRM.

NRM is a hiding place and safe custody for political criminals and opportunists, whose ideological focus is not defined. After all, NRM is a bank of free stolen public money to settle individual political problems.

The few individuals from Oyam North who allegedly defected to NRM were once either in NRM or were among the intelligence network of the regime.

Former UPC senior members Ojwang Opota (up), Rashid Opio (R) and Krispus Ayena Odongo (L) have crossed to NRM.

The purported weak leadership of UPC is to blame for failing to define the mission for the party, leaving its membership disgruntled and confused.

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Therefore, no one should waste time blaming or castigating the defectors after all their mission is well known.

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It also allows UPC members to realign themselves and evaluate their past to correct the mistakes of entrusting their party to the wrong hands.

Some of the people who defected like Ayena and Ojwang knew that they couldn’t be entrusted with UPC leadership for they don’t belong to the family click of UPC and hence their worthiness in UPC was no longer needed.

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I urge principled people who are guided by ideology and certain principles to stick to their principles and ideology without becoming political prostitutes.

Uganda still has a long way to generate citizens and leaders with a strong backbone to withstand the military and monetary influence of the NRM regime.

For God and My Country

The writer is the former MP of Oyam County South and President of Renaissance Uganda.

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