Amongi’s planned move to Lira City in 2026 does not scare me – Dr Jane Aceng

(Last Updated On: 6 July 2023)

Lira, July 6, 2023: Lira City Woman MP who doubles as the Minister of Health Dr Jane Ruth Aceng is not bothered by some reports that her Gender and Social Development counterpart, Minister Betty Amongi plans to contest against her in the 2026 elections.

Reports, which this digital publication has also published, say Amongi who is the incumbent Oyam South MP on the UPC ticket is ambitiously seeking bigger things in the ruling NRM government.

Apart from contemplating crossing from the rural Oyam South to Lira City, reports say Amongi wants to “officially defect” to the ruling party, making it easier for her to pursue her political dream of becoming the party’s Vice Chairperson for Northern Region at CEC.

The region’s CEC seat fell vacant following the tragic death of former occupant also the late Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah. The late badly trounced Sam Engola who had occupied the office for two terms – 10 solid years.

Amongi has not officially commented on these issues, but the chairman of the NRM Electoral Commission Dr Tango Odoi last week told reporters in Lira City that the 47-year-old politician was on her way to the ‘mighty yellow’.

Many fear this latest development may bring the two most powerful female politicians head-on.

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Dr Aceng, known for her candour, says she is not “bothered at all”. “After all, some people did not expect me to win the Lira City Woman MP in the first place during my maiden approach,” Aceng told TND News.

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Sounding rather theological during the interview, Aceng quotes Romans 13:1ff in which St Paul exults his readers to offer loyalty and support to their leaders because no authority or leaders come forth without God’s involvement.

“…leaders are chosen by God for a reason and a season…,” Dr Aceng said, before quoting from the Book of Isaiah 40:31 which says, “…but those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength…..”

Some people who claim to be supporters of the Gender Minister have welcomed her intended move, claiming this would give an opening for one to be appointed to a bigger position like the Vice President or Prime Minister.

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However, any move to switch alliance to another party for Amongi would mean a by-election should be held since she was elected under the opposition UPC ticket.

What the 47-year-old legislator is highly expected to do in the coming days or weeks is to officially sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the ruling party officials.

The MOU between DP and NRM is proving to be working astoundingly for Norbert Mao, the DP President and Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs.

Like Mao, the Bargede-Layibi Division MP in Gulu City, Martin Ojara Mapenduzi has recently signed a working document (MOU) with NRM.

A former FDC member, Ojara won the Parliamentary seat as an independent candidate but with an affiliation to the NUP party.

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