Kwania MP, Ayoo blames LGBTQ promoters for the current DNA debate

(Last Updated On: 5 July 2023)

Oyam, July 5, 2023: On Tuesday, June 4, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Thomas Tayebwa asked Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja to guide the nation on how DNA should be conducted without breaking families and ruining the lives of innocent children.

Tayebwa told Parliament that the current DNA matter is “a sensitive issue and shouldn’t be ignored by the government”.

“We need the Right Honourable Prime Minister at least you come out and guide the nation on this matter, we see how best we can counsel these people,” said Tayebwa.

Recent DNA tests have shown that nearly all men who have carried out the tests are not real fathers of the children under their care. Some, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs have asked for the cancellation of passports for the affected children.

Commenting on the DNA saga, the Kwania County MP, Tonny Ayoo blames LGBTQ promoters. He said, “Do not take DNA results too serious. The tension being put up by men in their own families to prove whether you’re the biological father of a child or not should be done with caution!

“The promoters of LGBTQ want men to abandon their families, hate women and opt for gay marriages. Get robots as partners, etc.

“Women will revenge by asking the government to give them rights over the custody of the abandoned children and these rights come with changes in property ownership, access, utilization and control of resources.

“In the African traditional society, all children are a blessing from God, there are very many powerful people in society today who in their childhood were adopted, come with their mother, born out of wedlock, acquired through cheating in a relationship, etc.


“Those families nurtured them without discrimination and some families have shined because of such children.

“God has made some of them a blessing because God’s ways aren’t man’s ways just understand that the devil is at work because your country rejected LGBTQ and many more will still come. We should investigate why this is happening,” said Ayoo.

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