Exclusive: Minister Amongi’s political decisions to quit Oyam South

(Last Updated On: 15 July 2023)


  • Betty Amongi’s defection to NRM from UPC was made public by the NRM chairman of electoral commission Dr Tanga Odoi
  • Amongi is yet to confirm it’s true she’s ready to officially join the ruling party
  • Amongi has been working with, and for President Museveni for more than 15 years.
  • She’s a 50-50 member of UPC and NRM until she finally enters the yellow bus.

Lira, July 4, 2023: With less than three years to the next general election in 2026, preparations appear to be in high gear for some politicians. Some, if not all, are planning on how to retain their seats while others intend to uproot the incumbents.

In this exclusive edition, we tell how the Oyam South MP, also the Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development, Betty Amongi has planned to quit Oyam South seat in 2026.

Amongi is not only leaving the Oyam South MP seat, but she is also in the race gainst Judith Alyek and Dr Jane Ruth Aceng for the NRM’s vice chairperson for Northern Uganda at CEC.

It’s worth noting that unlike her, MPs Alyek and Aceng are NRM party card holders and their quest for CEC’s top office would be meaningful to the delegates.

As one of the aspirants outside the ruling party, a devoted NRM party member tells TND News, “If her interest in CEC is genuine then she must join NRM and become a party member. As of now, and as we all know, she is UPC but working with the party in power.”

“There is a rumor she is planning to join officially and I have verified with senior party officials. It’s true,” says a ruling party delegate.

This publication has also sought confirmation from trusted sources who say Amongi will join the ruling party soon by signing a cooperation agreement.


Amongi for Lira City Woman MP

Amongi has been the Oyam South MP since 2011 after defeating Ishaa Otto Amiza. Otto’s attempts to retain the Constituency after replacing Dr Okullo Y. Epak who died shortly after the 2006 general elections were unsuccessful.

Sources close to Amongi say in the 2026 general election, she will be a candidate for Lira City Woman MP. The current MP is Dr Jane Ruth Aceng – also the Minister of Health.

Although the motives of her quitting Oyam South has not been disclosed, including herself when this publication reached her for comments, a source claim that “it’s an internal decision” which the UPC party president (husband – Jimmy Akena) is aware of.

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