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“Do not think you can threaten us and rig the votes,” UPC president cautions

UPC President Jimmy Akena ocikere me neno ni kwir ame oboli acungu me UPC Dr Eunice Apio Otuko pe okwalo onyo jo moro otuko kede. Wota lyeli Milton Obote odoko ager ape lare!

'Thousands' turned up to listen to Akena as he campaigned for Dr Apio Eunice last month. Courtesy/File photo.

Last Updated on: 2nd July 2023, 09:43 pm

Oyam, July 2, 2023: All four candidates vying for the Oyam North MP seat will conclude their campaigns on July 4 before casting their votes on July 6.

Campaigns are becoming tenser, defections continue and constituents eligible to vote already know who among the four will become the next Member of Parliament.

Among the candidates in the race are Fred Newton Okello (FDC), Daniel Okello of (NUP), Okello Samuel Engola of NRM and Dr Apio Eunice Otuko (UPC).

Dr Apio, for example, has got good momentum and optimism she will win the three candidates. Her confidence is backed by recent defections of over 170 NRM, FDC and NUP supporters to her side, including a week-long company of party president Jimmy Akena on her campaign trails.

Akena continues to assure UPC supporters of the best outcomes of the forthcoming by-election, including telling them his readiness and that of the party ahead of 2026.

Last month, he warned those intending to rig votes, saying he will ensure “every vote for her candidate is counted” before leaving Oyam.

Before Okello Engola Samuel Jr crossed to NRM from UPC, Akena said he supported him. “I recall when we camped here for the votes of Samuel Engola Junior. We fought for UPC votes and some of our members were badly beaten because of UPC.”

“As UPC president, I will always support party candidates. I have been in Oyam campaigning for UPC candidates and I’m here again to campaign for Dr. Eunice Otuko Apio in the Oyam North by-election.

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“I request for your vote and support,” said Akena while campaigning for candidate Apio on July 1, 2023.


“They cannot think that they can threaten us, they cannot think that they can rig the vote. We’re here until the final vote is cast and we shall protect our vote,” he vowed.

 ‘UPC candidate is the best

 Dr Eunice Otuko Apio continues to receive massive support in the constituency from the camps of her opponents, especially NRM.

“I endorse her for Oyam North by-election,” LC 2 chairman of Atekober parish, Acaba sub-county, Atim Nyonyi told a rally on Sunday.

Nyonyi who is a registered member of the NRM party has been on the campaign trail of NRM candidate Samuel Engola Junior before joining the UPC camp at a rally held at Apurukec village where he endorsed Dr Apio.

“Most of the electorates were chanting Dr Eunice in all the sub-counties they traversed seeking votes. Dr. Eunice is an able leader and there is no doubt she will effectively represent the people of Oyam North in Parliament,” said Nyonyi.

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