Video – Oyam North: “As long as I am alive UPC cannot be dead,” says Akena

(Last Updated On: 28 June 2023)

Aleka, June, 27, 2023: UPC party president Jimmy Akena has Tuesday sent a clear message to those who have been saying that “UPC is dead”.

Akena, also the Lira City East Division MP, was in Otwal and Aleka sub-counties on June 27, rallying the constituents to vote for the party candidate, Dr Apio Eunice Otuko.

Ayuu ayuu,” Akena sang and quickly joined the multitudes in chorus, “Ah’ UPC, ah, ah, ah’ UPC, oh oh, ah’ UPC…”

After that brief UPC historical song, Akena started his speech in Lango language – a language he has taken more than 10 years to learn and speak fluently. Even with that language barrier, his initial remarks were understood as supporters clapped.

“Today is a very important day for me and I’m honoured to be here with you in Aleka,” he changes to English as his speech gets translated.

As UPC we are going to continue to operate, we are going to work such that UPC gets back to where it was in the beginning.

Watch his full speech after this advert.


Akena has warned those planning to rig the July 6, Oyam North MP by-election as his party remains optimistic Dr Apio will be elected to replace Col Rtd Okello Engola Macodowogo.

Macodwogo was the Oyam North MP until his murder on May 2, 2023, and NRM elected his son, Okello Samuel Engola to carry the flag.

‘Thousands’ had time to listen to Akena as he campaigned for Dr Apio Eunice.

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