Why Queen Amolo stepped down from Oyam North MP race

Oyam, June 20, 2023: No NRM-leaning candidates will compete against the party flag bearer Okello Engola Samuel  as the race for a by-election on July 6 starts. Okello was competing with more than seven aspirants to hold the NRM flag.

However, after several discussions between NRM top party officials, Amb Julius Peter Moto, Obangakene Augustine, and others all agreed and stepped down.

Queen Dorothy Amolo and Omodo Willy Kagere all refused and each vowed to contest as independent candidates. Okello Samuel would later on Saturday, June 17, be elected as flag bearer with 532 votes to Queen’s 322 votes.

On Monday, June 19, Okello was nominated by the electoral commission (EC) alongside FDC, UPC and NUP candidates. According to the EC nominations timetable, Amolo, Omodo and Otto Ishaa Amiza were all to be nominated on Tuesday, June 21.

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However, both Omodo and Amolo have reached a consensus with the NRM top leadership and they all won’t appear in the ballots. Below is what Amolo said, of her contest (fairly edited). 

Dear members. I thought you should hear from me directly.

The President and Vice President of the Republic of Uganda, the NRM Secretary General and various NRM stakeholders have requested me to stand down.

After a thorough consultation with my family. I have decided to NOT proceed with the nomination.

I will not contest in the Oyam North By-election.


I want to thank all the 322 delegates who lined up behind me on June 17, 2023.
I further thank all those who stood by me from the day I stepped foot in Oyam North. Words cannot describe my gratitude 🙏 ❤️

Thank you!


EC speaks 

Giving an update on the nominations, the EC on Tuesday said, “The nomination of candidates for by-election of Member of Parliament for Oyam County North Constituency, Oyam District, has closed today, with four candidates cleared to contest.”

The EC spokesperson, Paul Bukenya added that campaigns commence on Thursday June 23 and end on July 4, 2023.

“Polling will take place on Thursday July 6, 2023,” Bukenya confirmed.

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