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Obangakene: “I’ll win the Oyam North MP By-election”

(Last Updated On: 6 June 2023)

The Oyam North MP By-election could set a political record for Lango, the aspirant believes. 


  • The Late Col. Rtd Okello Engola was a strong fighter and people were paying him for fighting Joseph Kony.
  • He was not close to his voters and I’m highly aware he would not come back to contest or go through in the 2026 elections.
  • Oyam does not believe in the politics of inheritance

Oyam, June 6, 2023: The electoral Commission (EC) has assigned July 6, 2023, for the Oyam North MP By-election following the sudden death of former MP, Col. Rtd Charles Okello Engola Macodwogo on May 2.

 Okello Engola who was also the State Minister for Labour, Employment and Industrial Relations, according to a section of NRM MPs, want his son, Okello Samuel Engola to replace him.

However, he has been denied a sole candidature as more than five vie for the party flag. Amb Julius Peter Moto, Queen Dorothy Amolo, Bala Daniel; Willy Omodo Omodo, Billie Otto and Obangakene Augustine are all competing to go through in the NRM primary elections.

On Monday, TND News spoke to Obangakene who said, “I’m the only qualified person for the Oyam North MP.” “I’m well educated, experienced and with clean records.”

“I supported the Late Col Okello Engola in the last election and he knew without my support and that of my supporters he would not make it in 2021.

On who is giving him sleepless nights in the race to carry the NRM party flag, he responded, “No one is giving me sleepless nights. I’m the one giving them sleepless nights and none of them will beat me.”

“I will stand as an independent candidate if the primary election is not free and fair. I’m aware of intimidation and reports that people will be beaten,” he said.

“President Museveni is being fed on lies that the son of the Late is popular but he’s not. Oyam does not believe in the politics of inheritance. I’m also hearing that the whole Muhoozi Project team will be here.

“If Okello Engola Jnr is given the flag, NRM will lose the by-election badly.

Oyam North MP by-election will set the political record not only in Lango but Uganda as a whole, Obangakene said when asked. “You are aware Oyam South and District Woman MP are women and if a woman is elected, it will set a record.”

Out of the two women in the race, he sees only the UPC candidate with the chance, stating, “I will beat her.”

Who is Obangakene?

  • Obangakene hails from Abok sub-county.
  • He’s a Public Administrator and Public Health Officer.
  • From 2011 to 2016, he represented Abok sub-county to the Oyam district council.
  • During that period, he was the Chairperson of the Health and Education Committee

Among the NRM aspirants for the party flag, “I’m the most qualified, well learned and with a good record. I’ve served in different positions; as a district councillor and left with a good record.”

“If you went to the security record, you will find me without any bad records and they have been here taking our information.

“I’m telling you I won’t lose this election even if I’m not given the party flag,” the ambitious contender noted.

Working on critical infrastructures in the constituency, he says will be his priority as an elected MP.

“Oyam North has an urgent need for fresh leadership. Like most Ugandans, I have become increasingly concerned about rising poverty, low education, etc. It is evident that the status quo is not cutting it.

“We all know Oyam can be better and that is why I am running for Oyam North MP,” he said earlier.

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