Archdeacon Banja bashes West on anti-gay law: ‘We don’t mind about your peanut support’

(Last Updated On: 5 June 2023)

Kampala, June 5, 2023: Uganda is being criticised by the West for its strict anti-gay Law. 

On May 30, President Museveni Yoweri signed into Law the Anti-homosexuality Bill 2023 after it was overwhelmingly passed by the Parliament weeks before. 

After Museveni assented to it, the Western powers are asking for a repeal and majority of Ugandans continue to applaud both Museveni and Parliament. Also, the ‘country’s minority’ – who are advocates for the LGBTQ want the Law quashed. 

However, during his remarks to the Church on Sunday, June 4, the Archdeacon of Luzira Archdeaconry Ven. Canon Moses Banja has bashed the West for their criticism of Uganda’s Anti-gay Law.

 “We do not mind your peanut support,” he said. Banja later asked parents to watch over their children, before applauding Parliament

Also, the Vicar of St. Stephen’s Church of Uganda, Luzira, Banja said President Museveni signed the Bill into Law because of God. 


“He did it because of God, we stand with Parliament for refusing to be intimidated and President for signing it.” 

Banja joins his superior, Archbishop of the Church of Uganda Rt. Rev. Dr Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu thanked Museveni and Parliament for being firm on the bad cultures. 

Kaziimba, in his statement a day after the Bill was signed into Law, had this to say. Read it here

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Countries like United States, Canada and the UN, UNAIDS, among others have called on Uganda to revisit the Law – or repeal it completely.

Some Ugandans say, “We will not, keep your money.”

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