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Ukraine Solidarity Committees protest 10-yr contract to a Russian Co. for a digital monitoring system in Uganda

(Last Updated On: 3 June 2023)

Kampala, June 3, 2023: In 2021, the government of Uganda said Ugandans will have to pay for the installation of digital trackers in their vehicles and motorcycles in a move expected to amplify dealing with security threats.

Speaking at a media conference that year, Security Minister, Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi said the cabinet had earlier approved the move to have all vehicles and motorcycles installed with security tracking devices.

The government had looked into dealing with a Russian Company to handle the development, a decision some Ugandans say will breach the personal security and privacy of Ugandans.

 As debates on the matter seem to have been hibernated, a group of Ugandans under what they call “Ukraine Solidarity Committees, Uganda and Sub-Saharan Africa” has issued a “Protest statement condemning awarding of a ten-year contract to Joint Stock Company Global Security, a Russian company to install a digital monitoring system in all motorcycles and vehicles in Uganda.”

Below is a statement by the committee’s President Makanga Alex:

On Tuesday 23rd May 2023, the Parliament of Uganda awarded a ten years contract to a Russian Company, to install a digital monitoring system in all motorcycles and vehicles in Uganda; a company according to the independent is Facing Bankruptcy Litigation”.

 “We condemn the awarding of the contract to a company facing financial challenges back home in Moscow and also, being a Russian company, and Russia being on watch as its president is even on a wanted list by the international criminal court, for war crimes committed in Ukraine, the act is putting Uganda in a position of financing the war, contrary to the neutrality position, while our government through Ugandan representative to UN voted for.  Meaning we support neither Ukraine nor Russia, the act is making Uganda complacent in the fight, and in this case, supporting Russia “FINANCIALLY”.

Ugandans are facing tough times financially, putting on them the burden of paying Ugx shs. 550,000/= for old vehicles and Ugx shs. 780,000/= for new vehicles is a huge amount, with the current social-economic status of many Ugandans.

“The international obligation we all have as member states to the United Nations of ensuring global peace and stability, it’s worth to know that Russia’s action in Ukraine is threatening to create a new precedence in the world and most likely “VIOLENCE”, disrespect to rule of law, abuse of human rights, as it is evident now in our neighbouring Sudan Khartoum, where millions are displaced and thousands lost live, got life-changing injuries all accredited to Russian actions, for it is one of the members of the United Nations Security Council, its actions speak volume to the rest of the world.


“We with condole those who have lost their loved ones in Ukraine, Sudan and other parts of the world, and commit ourselves as Ukraine Solidarity Committees Uganda and Sub-Saharan Africa, to always make a voice in the possible ways until peace and stability is restored in the entire world and all times advocate for “DIALOGUE” instead of war.

It’s upon this background ladies and gentlemen, we demand as follows:

  1. That the contract be put on halt, or awarded to another financially stable company, from a country whose leader respects laws, or after Russia stops its war in Ukraine.
  2. That the procedure through which any individual or company must under got to be awarded any government business, be followed, not only for this contract but for every government business, because, if laws are not followed, a lot of things are not analyzed, which at the end, we lose money as a country, to unfit ventures.
  3. That the payment schedule be revised, to allow only new vehicles to be installed with trackers and prices be reduced to Ugx Shs. 20,000/
Some of the Solidarity members

We are giving an ultimatum of twenty-one working days (21 days), for our demands to be considered and responded to, failure to do so, we are going to mobilize Ugandans, to demonstrate protesting against awarding a Russian Company a contract, which portrays us as supporters and financiers of the Russian war in Ukraine to a contrary.


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