Martyrs' Day

Uganda Martyrs’ Day: “Pray for our country,” UPC appeals 

(Last Updated On: 3 June 2023)

Kampala, June 3, 2023: With prayers underway at Namugongo Catholic and Anglican shrines, an appeal for more prayers has been conveyed to Ugandan Christians.

Every June 3, Uganda Martyrs’ Day is commemorated to remember those who accepted to be killed for their faith in God. This year, like in previous years, hundreds of thousands thronged to Namugongo to remember the Martyrs. 

The 2023 event comes when Uganda is getting global criticism for her tough anti-gay law which President Museveni signed this month. 

Also, it is held a few days after scores of Ugandan soldiers serving in Somalia under ATMIS were brutally murdered by Al-Shabaab, among other events of wider concern. 

In a statement on the eve of Martyrs Day, Uganda Peoples Congress said it joins the rest of the country and Christian faithful to thank the Church leadership, both Catholic and Anglican for a careful choice of this year’s theme, United for sustainable service and growth.”

“This is the first time the country is celebrating Martyrs outside the Covid-19 restrictions, however, this does not mean that there is no threat during these celebrations,” the party spokesperson, Arach Oyat Sharon said. 

“As we celebrate the Uganda Martyrs’ Day, UPC urges all Christian faithful from wherever they may be to pray for our country which is undergoing numerous threats ranging from economic hardship, gun violence, and cultural and moral erosion across the country.  


“In the same vein, the entire citizenry should reflect on the kind of Uganda they would want in terms of sustainable service delivery and growth on both personal and national development and this calls for the fight against corruption as well as building our faith in the way the Martyrs lived to be able to be persistent and bold to fight for what they believed in even if it cost them their lives. 

“UPC would also like to appreciate the police for escorting and protecting the pilgrims throughout their journey to the shrines and also ensuring their safety.”

According to Oyat, they have also noticed a number of police and army around the shrines both the Anglican and Catholic shrines, who are fully equipped with guns. “Our prayer as UPC is that these are intended to protect the pilgrims.”

“Our collective and humble prayer is that let us ask for the divine mercy and God’s intervention to change the trend,” she added. 

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