Church launched in Gulu City to primarily fight witchcraft

(Last Updated On: 22 May 2023)

Summary: The Church is primarily launched to fight witchcraft in the area. 

Gulu, May 22, 2023: From the time when Gulu was still a municipality, Kanyagoga “A” in Bardege-Layibi division in Gulu city continues to register evil spirit attacks on locals and w widespread witchcraft practices. 

The practice drew the attention of some men of God who chose to open a church in the area to change the mindset of people to know God.

The groundbreaking launch of Christian Fellowship International (CFI) ministry under the umbrella of the National Fellowship of Born-again Pentecostal Church [NFBPC] has taken place. 

The event was graced by Bishop Dr James Ochan, the overseer of northern Uganda.

CFI ministry started in Kampala in 2017 with a vision of expanding branches to every district and village in Uganda.

Apostle George Kuch, president of CFI whose land Gulu City church branch has been launched, revealed that the mission of opening the church in the area is to chase away the high level of witchcraft practices which has led many people to run away in fear.


“My grandmother Laryang (the owner of the land) before she died reminded me of bringing a church to this village to remove the demons and witchcraft in Kanyagoga “A”. This area has different kinds of people which need massive payers to change them into Christianity,” Apostle Kuch said.

Kuch added that many people including uncles, anties and relatives for the last many years have run away from the village in fear of being turned into witches. A lot of spiritual doctrines of God will break through this community and chase away the evil spirits, he added. 

“True doctrine of Christ and teaching the gospel will change the mindset of witchcraft. Many people experienced witchcraft, you can go to sleep and wake up blind, lame; mad and deaf, among others 

He further disclosed that bringing the church to the villages was a calling from both God and his grandmother to rescue the people of Kanyagoga “A”. 

Pastor Ambrose Ogwal of CFI Gulu branch commented that three things are hitting Kanyagoga “A”: strong pillars of witchcraft, low level of religion and high level of poverty, adding that people are captivated. 

“The level of poverty in Kanyagoga “A” ward is too much compared to other wards in Gulu City. All people are captivated in life, some have been bewitched because of strong pillars for witchcraft.” 

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