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Lira Catholic Diocese ordains four deacons to the priesthood

(Last Updated On: 13 May 2023)

Summary: Among the ordained are Deacon Denis Okello Odyek, Deacon Leo Ocen, Deacon Francis Otim and Deacon Ceasor Okello. 

Lira, May 13, 2023: The Bishop of Lira Catholic Diocese Sanctus Lino Wanok has this week ordained priests to help him look after the sheep of God. 

In his remarks to Christians and the ordained priests on Thursday at the Ordinations Ground in Lira City, Bishop urged the ordained to be obedient to God because God chooses who he loves to serve him. 

“God has a lot of work to do and needs many people to help accomplish it, for this he selects people he loves, who are obedient and prepared to take up the tasks,” said Wanok. 

According to Bishop, out of 20 seminarians that were to be ordained on May 11, 2023, only four were ordained because others failed to listen to their call by God and instead listened to the calling of things of the world.

 He told the priests’ parents that the children they sacrificed to do God’s work should be obedient and respectful to them, for this, he added that God is visiting homes to check how families are preparing their children to do his work the right way

“Once God chooses to pick a child from your family it means the parents must be prepared and their children must have been prepared well to take up the tasks,” Wanok added. 

He also told parents that it is their role to mould a child that is God-fearing and morally upright. He told the ordained to always be prayerful and discourage them from laziness.

George Grace Ayo, the organizing chairperson for the ordination applauded the ordained for their patience upon completing their tasks, expressing excitement upon how successful the ordination took place.

This, he, said was because people were united and had a love for the day.

The newly ordained priests are going to be awarded four new motorcycles to do their pastoral work. Ayo applauded locals for their contribution towards achieving it. 

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Judith Alyek, Kole district woman MP also the chairperson of Lango Parliamentary Group applauded parents for sacrificing their children to serve God and urged them to continue sending more children to priesthood, sisterhood and brotherhood to help accomplish God’s tasks on earth. 


She also applauded Bishop Wanok for his effort and noted that Members of Parliament will not leave Lira Diocese without continued support.

Alyek added that in Parliament, they are trying to lobby for the Bishop of Lira Diocese to pay a visit to Parliament and pray with Members of Parliament who are Catholics. 

Deputy Prime Minister of Lango Cultural Foundation Tom Anang Odur applauded Bishop for expanding God’s kingdom and urge other clan leaders to be close to the church to help them in the fight against immorality.

Anang applauded the ordained priests for being patient till the last day, urging them to be close to the Bishop and other colleagues to get more guidance such that they are not misled while executing their work. 

Lira Diocese
The newly ordained Priests were ushered to their seats by the dancers.

During the ordination, the Bishop did some reshufflement and posted the newly ordained priests to their different places of work. 

Fr. Denis Okello Odyek was posted to Abongodyang parish, Fr. Leo Ocen is now the Curate of Aputi parish, Fr. Francis Otim, St. Leo Boroboro Sub-parish and Fr. Ceasor Okello goes to Anyeke sub-parish. 


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