24 February 2024


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Arach Oyat: Beef up security in a systematic way

The Commission of Inquiry is to guide the government on how to proceed to the next level of dealing with security concerns.

Arach Oyat Sharon - UPC spokesperson. File photo.

Last Updated on: 11th May 2023, 09:23 am

Kampala, May 11, 2023: On several occasions, Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) has come out to raise issues of serious security concerns and provided worthwhile advice on how to control the situation. 

For instance, mobile money operators were under real threat by gun-wielding criminals. The supermarkets, petrol stations and hardware shops equally attracted such types of attacks as well as farmers who registered and are still experiencing livestock thefts by cattle rustlers.

Some roads like the Northern Bypass had become a den of thieves, especially at night.

With the gunning down of the Labour State Minister Hon. Charles Okello Engola to death by his bodyguard at his home in Kyanja, the outskirt of Kampala City, UPC received this news with profound shock and recommended setting up a Commission of Inquiry to delve into such types of murders with the view of reaching to the root bottom of their cause. 

This was believed to guide the government on how to proceed to the next level of dealing with security concerns.

Before the ink for the recommendation of setting up the Commission of Inquiry to probe these types of gruesome murders, another brutal murder of a Ugandan active blogger, Isma Tusubira aka Jajja Iculi Olaxes happened in the same locality of Kyanja on the night of Saturday, May 6, 2023. 


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This is a regrettable development which is not very far from the area where the country recently experienced three serious incidents; the murder of Assistant Inspector General of Police Andrew Felix Kaweesi, a bomb blast at a pork joint which claimed the lives of people and the criminal attack on the Minister of Works and Transport Gen. Katumba Wamala who sustained injuries and left his daughter dead in Kulambiro zone. 

Of course, there are other incidents of such violent nature which happened much earlier, claiming the lives of our people. This worrying trend gives a negative picture of our country and it is not good at all as it threatens investments in terms of investors and tourism hence ruining the national development and revenue.

UPC, therefore, reiterates its call to the government to institute a Commission of Inquiry to probe into these murders that have the potential of undermining the security and the image of our country. These criminals should be brought to the book.

Arach Oyat Sharon is the UPC spokesperson 

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