Commentary: Should President Museveni sign the homophobic bill into law?

(Last Updated On: 28 April 2023)

Kampala, April 28, 2023: The United States (US) government may cancel the US$400 million PEPFAR fund for health, notably the fight against HIV/AIDS, a program that had been sustained for many decades in Uganda. 

The US government and establishment use her green bucks, sanctions, and military to conquer and twist weaker nations to submit to their ideology.

When they stop the grant for fighting against HIV/AIDS, some patients on antiviral (ARV) will sadly die, Uganda should take it as an opportunity to make her medicines and anti-HIV vaccines.

Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI) has everything to isolate viruses and to make vaccines against them provided ongado lwet okwo lim a lwak (as long as those who steal public funds are jailed).  Literally meaning the war on corruption must be won at all costs.

Other sectors, like the tourist industry which is largely financed by high-spending tourists from the West, will suffer in the short run.

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Again, if total war is achieved on corruption, in the medium term, tourists can be attracted from other non-traditional source markets, notably Asia.

In the long run, Uganda will have no choice but to train tour operators and hoteliers in Eastern languages, their cookbooks, and their culture.

The writer, Ambassador Julius Peter Moto is the former High Commissioner of Uganda in London. 

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