UPC on low immunization turn up and Eid Al-Fitr

Last Updated on: 20th April 2023, 09:30 am

Kampala, April 20, 2023: At its weekly press conference on Wednesday, April 19, Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) spoke about immunization and Eid Al-Fitr. The party, however, wants massive immunization launched.

Below is what the UPC spokesperson, Arach Oyat Sharon said. Also read: Ntinda Police Station fire: looking into the recent outbreaks

Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) has noted with great concern the recently released report by the Ministry of Health (MoH) which observed that a good number of children miss the 2nd dose of immunization against diseases like measles, polio, pneumonia, tetanus, hepatitis B, Haemophilus influenza, tuberculosis, diphtheria, and whooping cough among others.

This, according to experts, renders the 1st dose useless and this raises serious concerns about the growth and development of our children as far as health is concerned.

It is expected that the Ministry of Health needs to ensure the availability of such immunization facilities and the parents too are supposed to endeavor that all their children are immunized against those specific diseases.

This implies that it is a matter of concerted efforts and all stakeholders should therefore take charge of their responsibilities!

UPC acknowledges the immunization program by the Government through her line Ministry of Health. However, massive immunization programs should be launched.

The negativity towards immunization in our society should be fought as it is mere ignorance which requires effective ground awareness campaigns and mobilizations emphasizing both the benefits and risks of not immunizing a child, especially at lower levels like villages and parishes. This demands the mobilization of resources and making priorities right.

We need to ensure proper early child growth and development which calls for the mothers to attend antenatal and postnatal services regularly as recommended. This helps in minimizing infant mortality rates.

With improved transport and portable refrigerated facilities, a wider catchment area can be attended to by rolling out a national community and/or door-to-door immunization.

We need to borrow a leaf from some districts like Wakiso, Mukono, Luwero, and Kampala where this experiment exercise has been carried out with encouraging results. A steady supply of medicine is very key in such an exercise which should be supported by both the Cabinet and Parliament through budgetary priorities.

Eid Al-Fitr

UPC would like to congratulate our Muslim brothers and sisters who are about to complete fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. In the Islamic faith, Eid Al-Fitr is always marked upon sighting the moon and Eid is expected to be celebrated this very week.

Especially, UPC would like to wish the Muslim community in advance a celebrative and joyful Eid Al-Fitr.

Eid Mubarak!

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