Amac sub-county’s problem resolved, to start getting gov’t funding

Lira, April 14, 2023: Ministry of local government (MoLG) has finally restored the technical problem Amach sub-county has been facing.

Amac is now in the MoLG database, and this means starting next financial year (2023/2024), it shall start receiving funding.

Amac is one of the oldest and most traditional sub-counties in Lira district. It is more than 50 years old.

TND News learned that the sub-county went missing from the program of local government following the creation of Amac town council in the last financial year.

Speaking during a council meeting on April 13, 2023, Boniface Omara, the vice chairperson of Lira district, disclosed that Amac sub-county has been restored.

“The ministry of finance has announced shs24 million as an indicative planning figure for the sub-county,” he told the council.

Political mandate

It should, however, be noted that the electoral commission (EC) did not conduct any elections in Amac in 2021. Simply, it has no chairperson, councilors, or representative to the district council.

According to Omara, the district executives shall, as per the Local Government Act provisos appoint a political head to oversee the operations in Amac sub-county.

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Lira district LC5 chairperson Richard Cox Max Okello Orik says he is delighted. Cox adds that he put the central government on several calls to have Amac sub-county reinstated.

Widely known as Orik, he said the community missed a lot of development projects. He described the technical impasse “as incongruity”.

By Ceaser Okello

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