Commentary: Traffic report is of great concern

Uganda House, Kampala: The Uganda Police Force released a traffic update report during the Easter holiday that shows that 37 people perished in the 76 road crashes which are of great concern to the country.

The usual causes of crashes have been shortlisted as the poor braking system, speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, abuse of road signs, and driving close to each other.

UPC has noted with concern the number of friends and family who lost their lives in these crashes in one go. It is a tragic experience, hard to deal with, and leads to the eventual demise of families.

We recommend that in the event of family trips or activities, special drivers should be hired to minimize such avoidable occurrences.

It should be recalled that when floods hit Eastern Uganda, a family that was traveling in a mini-bus for a wedding ceremony drowned and all perished. This is like the same tragedy during the just concluded Easter holidays in Lwengo District where a family of 9 perished in one go.

It is very difficult to mourn for an entire family that has perished; even logistics for the burial arrangements are beyond the usual means. Alternatively, people are encouraged to consider using different vehicles to avoid perishing at once as it is commonly happening.

UPC therefore, calls upon the government and well-wishers to come in and assist such surviving families with both moral and material support as they heal from the psychological damages caused by nasty crashes of that magnitude.

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The party has keenly noted that the percentage of crashes always shoots higher during festive seasons like Easter, Eid, Christmas, and New Year due to general excitement.

The memories of the 2022 festive season are still fresh in people’s minds.  We need to be extra cautious and protective of our families to minimize the level of crashes thus saving lives.

The rainy season creates more potholes on our roads with excessive water logging or floods as our natural drainage channels and their basins have been tampered with by negative man-made activities and neglected which explains the sorry state that some of our roads are in across the country. In most cases, the roads carry heavy traffic and are a recipe for accidents.

UPC continues to advocate for the restoration of the Uganda Railways Corporation Passenger and Goods Train to decongest our roads with an ultimate view of minimizing crashes, reduction of road repairs, and cheaper delivery of goods and services.

By Arach Oyat Sharon, UPC Spokesperson

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